Devlin Levin

The older son of Gwen and Kevin.

Graeme Levin
The younger brother of Devlin, user of magic.

Gwendolyn Levin
The mother of Devlin and Graeme, wife of Kevin.

Kai Tennyson
The mother of Jenny and Ken, widow of Ben.

Jenny Tennyson
The older sister of Ken.

Amanda Lasaron
The younger sister of Nicole.

Ethan McWilliams
A Human Cyropath.

Brandon Smith
A member of the Plumbers, boyfriend of Jenny.

Autumn Maplewood
The newest Spirit of the Forest.

August Maplewood
The brother of Autumn.

Carl Shennyson
One of the future Project X agents.

The leader of the Powerpuff Girls. Main color is red.

Member of the Powerpuff Girls. Main color is blue.

Member of the Powerpuff Girls. Main color is green.

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