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Frostbite is the Delta-X's DNA sample of a Cryosian-C from an unknown planet, presumably somewhere in the Andromeda Galaxy.


In her containment suit, Frostbite has a bulky torso, helmet, and right arm, and rather thin left arm and legs. The containment suit is grey/greyish blue in color. There are also three horizontal slits in the helmet with a blue glow from her true form. The Delta-X is on a plate on her chest.

Out of her containment suit, Frostbite wears a red and black jumpsuit, with only her hands and head exposed. She wears the Delta-X on her belt.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Frostbite is like the opposite of NRG, being able to fire ice blasts instead of radiation, has an icy aura that can freeze anyone around her, and can use her containment suit to enhance her powers.


Frostbite's weaknesses are heat, and being separated from her containment suit, as the suit helps strengthen her powers.


  • Unknown!

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