Carl Shennyson
Carl 10, 000
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Enhanced Strength
Skilled hand-to-hand combat skills
Enhanced Intelligence
Xtratrix 2.0.
Various alien blasters and gadgets

Alternate Counterparts:

Carl Shennyson (TANC10H Timeline)



First Appearance: Unknown

Charlie Raphael Shennyson, Carl 10,000 or simply Carl, is a character from Nicole 10.


Carl is a tan skinned, muscular and slim adult male.

He has minty-green eyes and a black war stripe on each cheek.

He wears a tan shirt, and a one-way green sash filled with alien bullets in it.

He has a metallic glove/robotic arm on his left arm, being held by two sunken-in-like Xtratrix screws.

On his right arm, he wears a black and green fingerless glove.

He also wear a headband, covered with most of his hair.

He wears a green belt, where the main Xtratrix symbol lies.

From the belt to his boots, he wears leather pants.

His boots are Greek/Roman-like, except not showing toes. They are powered by the same system that powers the Xtratrix.

He wears the Xtratrix on his belt and metal glove. The Xtratrix is no longer light blue and now is minty-green, just like his eyes.


Due to (probably) losing his arm, friends and the original Xtratrix, Carl swore to avenge his friends, while forcing into a war-like theme.

In his more inside nature, he is kind and helps people.

Oftenly, he's aggressive, funny, cocky and obnoxious.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Carl, due to his muscular build, is strong for his age.

He has enhanced intelligency in inventing, fixing and/or making dangerous weapons, like many blasters, alien crossbows, bows themselves and bombs, grenades.

He is equipped with alien bullets in his sash, so he never runs out of ammo.


Carl is always equipped with sash containing laser, fire, ice etc. bullets, few blasters and few alien grenades.

Carl wields the Xtratrix 2.0, which once resided on his wrist, now on his belt. He can morph into aliens with just a thought.

Since the system, Bixtratrix, is very new, Xtratrix 2.0 lets Carl only transform into a Vaxasaurian (Humungousaur) and a Kineceleran (XLR8).


Carl is weak to everything an average human is.

He is allergic to:

  • Eggs, only.

He is weak to electricity and can be shocked quite a lot from it.


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