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  • Crimson Huntress


    April 27, 2014 by Crimson Huntress

    Hey everyone, how's it goin? Today I am bringing you my first blog and first..kinda important announcement for the Nicole 10 series.

    First off is something that although isn't the main announcement of this blog, in my opinion, is still pretty important. My birthday is on May 5th, which makes it 9 days away. Whoo!

    Moving on..

    Ah, big announcement time. I have been thinking lately, and I am currently deciding on whether or not to allow other series to enter the Nicole 10 universe. Now, if I do green-light this, there are some things you should know.

    1. Not every series will be accepted
    2. I might just scrap this idea all together, it's not the Marvel Cinematic Universe

    So, that's it guys! Thank you for reading this blog if you did, I'm Nicole, see ya la…

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