General Information

Galvan (Formerly)

Human (Currently)

Home Planet:

Galvan Prime

Other Info

Ben Tennyson

Ken Tennyson

Nicole Lasaron


Enhanced intelligence

DNA Alteration


Ben Tennyson (Human DNA origin)

Tennyson family (technically)

Elocin (Adopted daughter and creation)




Albedo -10,000

First Appearance: Beneath the Ice (flashback/prequel)

Albedo, or Albedo -10,000, is the negative "copy" of Ben Tennyson, the former assistant of Azmuth, and the main antagonist of Nicole 10.

Charcter History Edit

He Was The Retart Of Sledges Ship When Zs'skyar Had Died Fury Sent Him He Bet 4 Rangers Leaving The Gold And red Rangers Standing The Gold ranger Went On A Quest To Help the 4 Rangers Albedo Escaped Putting A Bomb In Sledges Ship

In The Gold ranger Has A Ally He Returned And Set The Bomb Off To 6:00 Fury Found It And Put It On Albedos Ship He Left Wth Being Blowed Up



  • He has many things in common with Elocin, like:
    • Both of them were created as negative versions of another being, Ben and Nicole, respectively.
      • Despite this, Albedo's Galvan DNA was overwritten by Ben's, whereas Elocin was manifested in a physical form due to Albedo extracting Nicole's dark personality from her mind.
    • Both have silver hair.
    • Both have access to some form of alien transformations.

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