No spoilers, Paradox!

The following section contains spoilers related to future episodes, and/or events. Please, read at your own risk. You have been warned.

When Nicole "reprograms" Jason it changes the timeline and causes the entire world to remake, making it so Jason has always been born in the year to make him the age Nicole made him.

Jason and Nicole meet at one point when they are young, and become very good friends. But, at one point, Jason finds a ghostly being, who then said:

"H-Help m-me... Young- wa-one...".

Jason walked closer to the being asking what he needs help with.

The ghostly being then quickly faces toward Jason with scars all over him and heavy breathing. Jason reaches his hand out to the ghost. The being shoots his hand out and grabs Jason's wrist and chants,

"На реинкарнираше Ectonurite заробени во телото на човекот машки. Единствениот навивач со способноста на древна Technomancer!"

There is a bright light... Then the ghost emerges with Galvanic Mechamorph type features. And screams:


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